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水あそび by カゼクルマ

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His First Time With An Insecure Lover
Italy: Italy wouldn't even acknowledge that you have flaws in the first place, he would be too busy gawking at how beautiful you truly are. He'd want it to be romantic, so he would give you long and passionate kisses while holding your hand to let you know that he's there for you if you're afraid.
Germany: During intercourse, Germany would worry if he isn't pleasing you enough, or if he's doing something wrong. He'd ask you if you're alright every now and then, but it's because the German is genuinely concerned. He wouldn't see anything about your body that gives you a reason to shy away in the first place, but when you point them out to him he'll only believe they enhance your beauty.
Japan: Japan would take it slow and easy with you, and always keep reminding you that he fell for you because of what is on the inside, not the out. He would tell you that you are perfect in every which way possible, even if you don't think that yourself. Japan would kiss you from head to toe and make you forget about your insecurities because you are his princess.
America: America would feel like a total hero as he assures you that you're perfect to him just the way you are and that you should accept your body for the way it is. As for the intercourse, he'd move slowly at first, but pick up the pace once the two of you adjust to the feeling. Some dirty talk might be thrown into the mix when you're with this American as things heat up really quickly.
England: England would probably feel the same as you. Feeling as if you might judge him over the smallest little things. But when he warms up to you he'll be very confident. Britain would keep reminding you that it's ok that you aren't perfect, and that he isn't perfect too. He'd be a gentlemen and court to your every need and desire too.
France: France would admire your flaws. Nobody is perfect, and plus, imperfections are what makes a person interesting. He'd be very skilled with the love-making and would know exactly how to make you feel like you and him are the only two people in the universe; after all, he is the country of love. He'd whisper reassuring and affectionate murmus into your ear as he carries on to make you feel comfortable and even more loved.
Russia: Russia has flaws himself, so don't expect him to care about small imperfections and flaws. It's whats on the inside that counts the most to him, so whatever you're insecure about on the outside he can easily overlook. Russia would know what he's doing and would dive in with confidence (heisthe'biggest'countryafterall*winkwink*), but he would be careful while doing so, so he wouldn't hurt you.
China: Your flaws would fly over his head when you two first start. He would keep saying that you look so cute and perfect and that he doesn't want you to change one bit because you are just so amazing. China would also know what he is doing, he IS 4,000 years old ((suggestive eyebrow wiggle))
Canada: Canada would be so shy about it, you may be the one to tell him everything is alright and that he is fine. Once he calms down, you won't even care about your insecurities anymore because you know Canada feels the same way as you do. Canada would also be particularly good at this type of stuff too, due to France being related to him. Canada would make you feel like a queen due to what he does to you.
Prussia: Prussia would be eager to get down to business, but he would be ungainly about it. You may even have to tell him to slow down a bit because he would most likely try to move quickly along, and he would be quick to catch onto this. As for the shyness about your body, Prussia would compliment you in his own language and would then tell you that your body is amazing in his eyes.
Romano: Romano wouldn't care about how you look- big, small, he would love you no matter what and would look past all of your flaws. He would be extremely flustered, sputtering out constant apologies if he sees the slightest pained expression on your face, but he'd get the hang of it soon enough and will be stuttering a string of curses out of his pleasure.
Spain: Spain would focus on your positive qualities instead and will point them out to you to make you feel better and hopefully give you a confidence boost, because he would hate seeing you beat yourself up over your body all the time. Spain would move slowly with you to build anticipation, and also to make the moment last longer- the Spanish man would be a natural in bed.
Austria: Austria would have to keep reminding you that it's only you two, and he isn't judging you at all. He would keep telling you that you are as beautiful as some famous piano piece that he loves to death. Austria would get tired out pretty easily, and might have to take breaks often, so you might even have to take over if you want to continue.
Switzerland: Switzerland wouldn't care about petty flaws. He wouldn't say anything negative about them, but he wouldn't say anything positive either. He would simply ignore them as if they didn't exist to him and would carry on with whatever he's doing.
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